But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)

Just like anything else, constant exposure to something has an impact and an influence. Expose your children to genuine worship often. Fill your home with worship music daily. There are two primary ways to influence your child: directly and indirectly. Use them both!

We believe that kids can go deep with God in worship and that they genuinely want to. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and be willing to do what it takes to lead your children into the presence of God.

Equipping and Training: You need to teach and train your kids how to worship God without expecting them to instinctively know what to do. You will need to give clear instructions on what to do during praise and worship times, and take the time to explain why you are asking them to do what you’re asking.

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Age-appropriate Songs: Choose songs that are worshipful and help lead children into the presence of God. By “age-appropriate” we do not mean that the songs have to be made for children, but that the songs are not wordy or hard to follow along with. Kids can engage best when they’re not too focused on “getting the words right” and can sing easily without much effort.

When leading kids into genuine worship, start with a lively song. Your goal is to immediately draw them in and engage them. Give thanks to God in loud and wild praise. Then you can slow things down and transition into to the “Holy of Holies.” 

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Engaging and Fun: We want to keep the kids engaged by focusing on different expressions of praise and worship: kneeling, bowing, dancing, lifting hands, banners, etc. God is not boring and there are so many ways that we can worship Him. Kids love to have fun and it is great to engage them with “action choruses” or motions to songs that are worshipful.

Worship Scarves (excellent quality)
Worship Scarves (bulk)
Wooden Rings, Ribbon (DIY Worship Rings)
Dance Ribbons (bulk)
Egg shakers (bulk)
Egg shakers (better quality)
Remo kids drum
Remo Tambourine

Use banners, musical instruments, or flags to engage your child in genuine worship. Worship doesn’t have to be boring, religious, or a formal thing! Children are wired different than adults, and yet God loves their worship just the same.