The books we allow our children to read will ultimately shape their worldview. In Proverbs, we are warned to stay away from bad company. Likewise, we should stay away from books that do not feed our children the best food for their spirit. Don’t let your child read a book just because it gets them to read! The book is influencing their thinking! This is not a matter to take lightly. We must choose wisely for our children. We must be as innocent as doves and as shrewd as serpents!

News with a Biblical Worldview:

Gods Big WORLD (3-6 years)
WORLDkids (7-10 years)
WORLDteens (11-14 years)
WORLD for Adults

Family Reading 0-12 years:

Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories by Arthur S. Maxwell (Based on true stories)

Aunt Vera’s Bedtime stories (True stories, kids love it!) 

Walking with Jesus, stories about real people who return good for evil, Mary Clemens Meyer (Read with discretion, Mennonite beliefs – excellent book though!)

Heroes for young readers by Meloche and Pollard 

Heroes for young readers activity guides 

Christmas Advent Series:

Jotham’s Journey by Arnold Ytreeide 

Bartholomew’s Passage by Arnold Ytreeide 

Tabitha’s Travels by Arnold Ytreeide

Age 0-4

Sing Me to Sleep by Helen Haidle (A favorite)

Debbie Anderson Board Books:
Jesus is with Me by Debby Anderson 
Jesus Loves the Little Children by Debby Anderson 
Jesus Loves Me by Debby Anderson 
My Friend Noah by Debby Anderson 
Good, Good Father by Chris Tomlin
Thank You God For Mommy (Amy Parker)
Thank you God for Daddy by Amy Parker 
Thank you God for Grandpa by Amy Parker 
Thank you God for Grandma by Amy Parker

Age 4-8

Max Lucado Children’s Books

The Berenstain Bears/Living Lights (make sure you choose the books with the “Living Lights” Logo, these are written with a Christian message)

God gave us… books by Lisa T. Bergren  

Happy Day Books

Frances Chan Kids Books:
Halfway Herbert
The Big Red Tractor
Ronnie Wilsons gift 

Bible Wise books by Carine MacKenzie

 What Happens When I Talk to God? By Stormie Omartain

Books from VOM ( Voice of the Martyrs) 
God’s Missionary: The Faith of Thomas 
God’s Apostle: The Adventures of Paul 
God’s Witness: The Courage of Stephen 
God’s Outlaw: The Real Story of William Tyndale and the English Bible 
God’s Prisoner: The Story of Richard Wurmbrand 
The Story of Saint Nicholas 
The Story of Saint Patrick 
The Story of Saint Valentine 

Age 8-12

Sugar Creek Gang series by Paul Hutchens (many books in series, a 
Christian adventure series) 

 Growing Up with God – Shawn Bolz

Trailblazer Series by Dave & Neta Jackson – historical fiction on missionaries & other famous Christians from history that make the time period come alive… The target age range is 8-12.

These Are My People by Mildred Howard – biography of Gladys Aylward, target age range is 8-12.

The Beggar’s Bible  (John Wycliffe)- Louise A. Vernon 

Ink on His Fingers (Johann Gutenberg)- Louise A. Vernon  

The Man Who Laid the Egg (Erasmus)- Louise A. Vernon 

Thunderstorm in Church (Luther)- Louise A. Vernon 

Night Preacher – Louise A. Vernon

Bible Smuggler – Louise A. Vernon

The Bible in The Wall (age 9 and up)

Mystery of the Ark – Paul Thomsen (age 9 and up) – live search of Noah’s Ark

The Answers Book for Kids (series) – Ken Ham (ages 9 and up)

Case for Christ (for kids) Lee Strobel (recommended age: 8-12)
Case for Faith (for kids) Lee Strobel
Case for a Creator (for kids) Lee Strobel
Case for Grace (for kids) Lee Strobel

What would Jesus do? By Mack Thomas

Light Keepers 10 Girls – Irene Howat

Light Keepers 10 Boys – Irene Howat

Pathway Readers (read with discretion – Mennonite worldview, excellent books though!)

The Princess Adelina retold in English by Julie Sutter  (ages 9 & up)

Christian Heroes Then and Now Series by Janet and Geoff Benge 
Christian Heroes Then and Now ( 
International Adventures Series, (ywam 

Daughters of the Faith Series by Wendy Lawton
Daughters of the Faith Series by Wendy Lawton Set 2 

Books by Patricia St. John: Treasures of the Snow, Rainbow Garden
Where the River Begins, The Runaway, The Secret of Pheasant Cottage
Tanglewoods’ Secret

From Sea to Shining Sea by Peter Marshall and David Manuel (for youth 9-13) 

The Wilderking Trilogy by Jonathan Rogers: 
Book 1: The Bark of the Bog Owl 
Book 2: Secret of the Swamp King 
Book 3: The Way of the Wilderking 
Although not advertised as such, this trilogy seems to me to be an 
allegory of the story of the biblical King Saul, King David, and 

Genovieva by Samuel Grandjean
(a true story from Romania)

Books by Tracy M Leininger: 
A Light Kindled (The Story of Priscilla Mullins) 
Unfading Beauty (The Story of Dolly Madison) 
Nothing Can Separate Us ( The Story of Nan Harper) about the Titanic 
The Land Beyond the Setting Sun (The Story of Sacagewea) 

The King’s Daughter and Other Stories for Girls (A.B. Publishing) 
Treasure in the Big Woods by Margaret Jean Tuininga  
The Midnight Test by Elmo Stoll (Pathway Publishers) 

Lamplighter books can be found at (phone number for 
Lamplighter Publishing: 888-246-7735) There are many of these books! 
Lamplighter Publishing finds old books and republishes them. They are 
wonderful Christian stories. Some may be found at or

Written in 1867, Jessica’s First Prayer by Hesbra Stretton 
Jessica’s Mother by Hesbra Stretton , co-author Mark Hamby, (sequel to 
Jessica’s first prayer) 
Teddy’s Button by Amy LeFeure 
Written in 1874, Christie’s Old Organ by Mrs. O. F. Walton 
Written in 1882, Mary Jones and Her Bible by Mary E. Ropes 
Written in 1894, Titus: Comrade of the Cross by Florence Morse Kingsley 
Written in 1887, The Robbers’ Cave by A. L. O. E. 
Written in 1876, Bohemian Bravery by Matilda Horsburgh 
Written in 1871, Dashed to Pieces by A. L. O. E. 
Written in 1611, The Hedge of Thorns by John Carrol, rewritten by Mark Hamby 
Written in 1892, Saved by Love by Emma Leslie 
Written in 1823, The Basket of Flowers by Christoph Von Schmidt 
Written in 1876, Charlie’s Choice by M. L. Nesbitt 
Written in 1872, Helen’s Temper by Mrs. George Gladstone 
Written in 1848, The Little Lamb by Christoph Von Schmidt 

Rod and Staff Publishers (Phone: 606-522-4348)

Older children: 
Tip Lewis and His Lamp by “Pansy” 
Traveling the Way by Drusilla McGowen 
Thrilling Escapes by Night by Albert Lee (a favorite!)
Sunshine Country by Kristina Roy 
The Three Comrades by Kristina Roy ( a sequel to Sunshine Country) 
Cherry Cobbler by Mrs. Samuel Huber 
Marita by Evelyn Hege 

Younger children: 
Days on the Farm with Annette and Samuel by Teresa Morgan 
The Little Missionaries and other Stories by Mary R Zook 
More Little Missionaries by Mary R Zook 
The Family God Gave by Ester Mae Witmer 
David and Susan at the Little Green House by Mary M Landis 
David and Susan at Wild Rose Cottage by Mary M Landis 
Happy Days with Pablo and Juanita by Evelyn Hege 
Miguel The Shepherd Boy by Edith Witmer 
Pedro A Story from Guatemala by Marilyn S Martin 
Mohan in the Jungle by Ella Grove 
Eyes for Benny by Anna E Weaver